Going Through Hard Times - What is your Sling and What is your Stone?


This diary entry is all about how I overcame a difficult situation. I hope this encourages you. 1 Samuel 17


Church Girl in a Club - Odd One Out


This diary entry is all about being torn between the world and God. Please share this to encourage someone else. God bless


Overcoming Bouts of Depression and Low Self-Esteem


Yes, I'm a Christian, but I also get down sometimes too. My walk with God so far has been an awesome one. I'm learning more and more as the days go by, but more importantly, I'm learning about who I am in Christ. I pray that this encourages you today. God bless


My Walk with God - How it all Began (My Testimony) Part 2


A diary entry of how my walk with God began.


My Walk with God - How it all Began (My Testimony) Part One


Part One: This diary entry is all about how my walk with God actually began.


How to Soar - Isaiah 40:31


When you fall just repent, then get up, dust your knees off and keep going. Today I just want to share another experience of mine. I pray this leaves you feeling encouraged.


Overcoming my Struggles with Evangelism - Nov 22, 2016 06:59


Hey there! Here are a few of my experiences with overcoming my struggles with evangelising. I pray it will bless you on your walk with God.


Hello! A Brief Introduction - Nov 19, 2016 12:40


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to quickly introduce myself and my new podcast. Enjoy & God Bless.


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